Alpha Omega
...A birdsong shatters the still...
Brazilian Portuguese: Dick Vigarista
Portuguese: Dick Detestável
French: Satanas
Hungarian: Gézengúz Guszti
Italian: Dick Dastardly
Spanish: Pierre Nodoyuna ("Nodoyuna" doesn't exist as a name in Spanish, it's a joke on the Spanish idiom "no doy una" which roughly means "I fail miserably". Pierre is due to the French accent he had in this version.)
Spanish Mexico: El Barón Rojo
Japanese: ブラック魔王 (Burakku Maō, "Black Demon King", or "King Black"b-)
Danish: Dan Døgenigt
Swedish: Urban Usling, Baron Knäck, and others
Catalan: Dick Destraler
Polish: Dick Wredniak, Dick Dastardly
Turkish: Hain Baron
Dutch: Dick Draadnagel, Dick Dastardly